Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Like the Gift It Is

The same old song. How do you feel about the day? If you say, "the same old song," I say, "shift your focus." Today is not - 'the same old song', not the continuation of what has been, not the regular routine. NO.

Today is a day you have never seen. It is a day in which you may be expecting some things to happen; however, you do no not know this day. God is so creative that our days are not the same. Give Him that credit. Yes, there are things you do in routine but should not be a routine. You woke up, wake up giggly about the prospects of what God has up for today. You brushed your teeth, look in the mirror and see the awesome face that God loves. Oh come on- it does not matter the type of toilet you have, whether large or small, inside or out, you can successfully eliminate poisons from your awesome body. See, the day is already different from any other day.

As you prepare for this day, watch for what God has. It may appear small, oh but the small gifts are the most memorable, most loved. This is your day, your gift of life. Don't miss a single event, happening, highs, nor lows. This is yours. Live this day like the gift it is. And then live tomorrow the same. You get it. enough for now.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

A New Day

As I prepare the notes to teach my class on "The History of Christianity," I am watching the coverage of the dedication of the newest Smithsonian, the African American Museum, and my heart is full. I marvel at how God continues to hold and keep. . . How Christianity has survived, in spite of early and recent persecution; how we, as a people, have survived through early and recent persecution. All, for such as time as this.

There is a reason for your life. Marvel at what God is doing. Take time to go back over your life, and see just how God has kept you, grew you, and is keeping you and growing you.  Marvel for this day in your life. There is so much more in store for you. Listen and follow. Watch and obey. enough for now.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Don't Buy In

Things are getting rough. Mass confusion is a terrible thing. Don't buy into the confusion. Breathe. Breathe out anxiety and breathe in peace. Continue until you can feel that peace. Blessings as you move though your day. enough for now.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Get it Out and Get On

There are times. There are times when all your head knowledge and training just doesn't help. You know, those times when your saved, sanctified self just has had enough! And you just have to scream _____ or ______ or whatever you scream or shout to get it out. That could be a misdirected lament. (Remember, a lament is to God.) But at that point, that's all you got. Yeah it happens. Get it out and get on with your life!

Ah, but when you regroup, and you will regroup, your experience with walking with Holy Spirit comes to surface and you are reminded of how loved you are by God. And you can survive. Oh yes you can. It is never as bad as you think. Your life is not as sad, crummy, bad as you think. You are indeed blessed and you can rise above whatever the crazy is. How? Glad you asked (As F.G.Sampson used to say). Get still and hear, get still and feel, get still and allow the shalom of God to rest, to permeate your space. Oh, I promise it will happen. And when you feel that peace, then rise and walk in it. You will see things so much differently. Get it out and get on with your life. Blessings of peace as you rest and listen. enough for now.

In case you are interested: My new book, Notes from a Desert Place is available from Amazon, Borders, or my website: www.jaiasistersministries.org. Blessings on your day.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Walk A New Way

How often do we play "victim"? How often do we try to make our issues another's? We do, yes we do. We do it when, in our state of mind we rehearse everything that has happened in a situation and expect the other person of offer a way out. It is that "help me, help me" state. I offer that you are not the victim all the time, probably - not most of the time. You cannot be when you more than a conqueror. So, it is a mindset.

Watch where and how you are you dumping on others, and what you are saying and feeling. Lament your feelings to God. When you do, and the more you do, the less you need to do, because it is God. I'm not telling you something I read, but something I know. Walk in you real state of being more than a conqueror. enough for now.

Monday, September 12, 2016


After you have recognized your fear and given it to God, rest. Thank God for release and rest. Celebrate the rest. It feels good to rest, doesn't it? enough for now.

Sunday, September 11, 2016


Remember. As I woke this morning I find myself remembering my house and the remodeling I did while there. That was a peaceful remembrance. Then I recognized that today was the fifteenth anniversary of the attack- 911. And, as many still do, I remembered where I was when we heard the news about the planes hitting the two towers, and then the Pentagon, and then, and then. That is a sad memory, but one still valid. I remember with others. My remembrance will not be the same as others, it is still valid. We all suffered - whether directly or indirectly. 

Today, pause with me for hope for all, no matter where you are. Pause for a time of peace for you and for all who exist on this planet. As you pause, get outside of yourself to see what you can do to make where you are safer, stronger, more peaceful. When I was young, in Sunday School we sang, "Brighten the corner where you are." What can you do to brighten the corner where you are? enough for now.