Friday, August 22, 2014

Yield not

Contracts appear to be broken so easily.  Covenants mean nothing.  Leaders are confused on their roles and lead so many hurting people into wasted places.  And this is the church.  No, it is nothing like Jesus modeled.  I'm pretty sure on this 'wasted places' because look at us, look at the church, look at U.S., look at the church in U.S. So, since I cannot fix "us" or "U.S" I can yield to the work on me.  Won't you join me in yielding to the working on your "me" on you?  What is real?  What is not real?  What is true? What is not true?  Again I say, welcome to the journey.  enough for now.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Truth, not Lies

What lie or lies have your discovered?  The strange thing about some lies is that they have been truth for you until you recognized they were lies.  So many people are living with so many lies.  Some they were told and some they have believed themselves. How about you?  These lies have helped shape your view of so many things. 

So many people everyday are so engulfed in their lies that it is hard for them to see truth or accept truth. So they make what looks like truth, but that is a lie.  And they lie- about anything and everything. They don't have to live that way.  You don't have to live that way either.

Jesus' work on the cross solidified His truth for our lives.  We can live free of lies.

If you have recognized what you feel is not truth then ask Holy Spirit to show you the truth.  Here is the crazy part- we were not meant to live our lives all "lied out." Can you see how much peace is there for you without the lies? Let's start with just one lie.  Allow Holy Spirit to guide you.  Wait until you hear the truth from Holy Spirit.  When you hear it, are you ready to accept it?  Great.  Hold on to the truth, and when you hear the lie, you can stand on truth.  It takes a minute, but it is on the way to your healing. 

May I help you?  Fear is a big lie, and you can see how fear plays out in so many ways: Fear of failure, fear of people that don't look like you, fear of dogs, fear of being found out, fear of your manhood/womanhood.  I could go on and on, I've heard so many unfounded fears yet they are very real to that person.  I know it is a lie, "For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline" (2 Tim.1:7NIV).  Live. Live in God's truth for your life. enough for now.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

What is the Pause?

Okay, what did you find out about your pause?  Actually, it can happen so quickly and always looks as if it is the right thing to do.  My day changed yesterday right after writing the blog.  But then that is how life rolls.  Did you write down what distracts you?  What causes you time after time again to fall into that distraction? What are your excuses for being distracted?  Those are lies.  They are not true.  They exist only to keep you confused; only to keep you running in circles like a dog chasing its tail. If you are chasing, you are not progressing. 

Your distraction can be a person, place or thing.  The sad part about it is while it can be a person, place, or thing, that is not the problem.  The problem is how you feel about it.  It is always about how you feel.  Let that saturate for a while.  So, begin jotting down how you feel about whatever it is. What pulls you in?  What is the lie that feed it?  Take your time.  You will be surprised.  Allow Holy Spirit to guide you in listening. enough for now.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Pause is Over

So tell me, what causes you to pause?  You know, along your journey, as you go about your way, what stops you in your tracks?  No, let me ask another way.  What distracts you from your journey? 
Take time to think about it.

What are the lies and false beliefs that aid in your pause? The lies that have gotten you off track. Get still.  Allow Holy Spirit to guide you. Write the lies down as they are revealed.  Then ask Holy Spirit the truth for each lie, each thing you thought was true. You see, when you can hear the truth from Holy Spirit then you have something you can stand on against anything the enemy can say. It is time to get back on your way. This was just a pause, whatever your "this" is. It was just a distraction to get you off what God has for you. Come on, let's go. enough for now.

Monday, August 18, 2014


Do you know how hard it is to hear God clearly when you get distracted?  You hear the enemy whispering loudly. You hear self.  But you miss Holy Spirit.  It can happen so easily and there you go- on a different path.  When you recognize that you have gotten off- you can get back on.  Be still, get directions.  Life has so many detours, you must be clear if it is one you need to take, or if it is  a ploy to throw you off.  Shhh. . . listen. . . stop (cause sometimes you are on a roll and can't hear). . . and then follow.  Follow Holy Spirit's directions, not what people say. People will mess you up- I don't care who they are. They don't know your story, and since they did not create you, they can't give you proper directions.  Shhh. . . listen. enough for now.

Hands Up

Yes, I have my hands up. The national sign for surrender.  My hands are up; however, my palms are inward and upward, not outward facing you.  You see, I surrender only to God and the magnificent will on my life. Yes, everyone surrender- but know that only surrender to the Creator, the Alpha and Omega, should be your move. And then what do we do? Glad you asked.  Watch what God is doing in your life. It is indeed an awesome event, if you watch.  enough for now.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Sometimes, I Feel like a Motherless Child

It has come to this. The lies, the lies, the lies. The flagrant misuse of power. The dumbing down of those who are in charge to allow this bull to continue. No, it has been this. Oh but I know a God who sees all and who handles it. Yes, the times cry out "enough is enough." So many sad things are happening that need our attention, yet you go after innocent young Black men. Any fool in their right mind understands that any theft is not cause for killing- IF there was a theft at all. Yes, I deserve to walk in any public place. Please join me in prayer for realization, for safety and peace for our young men- that they are allowed to grow and live secure in this place they call home. That we agree -as vengeance belongs to God- He will repay. God in your "blessing of America" bless us to become a nation of lovers of you, and thus loving one another. enough for now