Thursday, November 20, 2014


Rest is allowed, even in dancing. Sometimes you must rest, you must regroup. You are invited into God's rest. TODAY. Take long deep breaths. Breathe out anxiety, breathe in peace. Breathe out tiredness, breathe in clarity. Breathe out worry, breathe in peace. Breathe out whatever is causing stress, breathe in peace. Wait, hear, listen. Rest. TODAY. You can dance later, you will dance again. Watch what God is doing in your life. enough for now.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Learn the Dance

Learn the dance. I told you how I learned. That is how I taught liturgical dance to my dance ministry. My dancers had basics. They had to get the steps correct. It is so sad when dancers are looking at other dancers to make sure they are correct. My dancers had to know the steps. Many times we discussed scripture that was the foundation of the dance. Our rehearsals were tight and sometimes young people don't appreciate 'tight.' They worked hard, many times rolling their eyes at me.

The dancers knew their positions, they knew their steps.  Then they were free to dance for the Lord. Oh my goodness! As they danced, those viewing were invited into the worship through their dance. Oh my goodness! Yes, we were all transformed. They learned the dance. You learn the dance by getting the basics first. Get what you are to do, and at the proper time - you move, you flow, you dance your dance- all because you learned the basics and were not afraid to dance. enough for now.

Monday, November 17, 2014


In life, just like dance, you must learn the basics. Yes, maybe you are one that did not have nurturing, teaching parents to teach you the basics. Your life is not over. You don't need to give up or to overcompensate for what did not happen. It is not too late. Get the basics. God created you to dance, to live. And yes, He is indeed your dance partner, like my father was for me.

Just like I had my dancers to get the steps, they knew that their audience was not the people, but God. And they danced for God. People viewing worshiped collectively, and were blessed.  Sometimes, even rehearsals were worship events. Don't you love it?

You have your basic instruction and encouragement in the Bible. You really do. Find a spiritual director that can aid in your spiritual transformation, one that can show you the steps. The Creator so created you that as you get the basics, you can create new dances- same basics, new dances. On this journey no one dances the same way, but we all move in tune with Holy Spirit's guidance. Our lives can become worship, both individually and collectively, as we dance. We hear Holy Spirit's guidance, we can follow God's will, we can giggle with the love of Jesus. We dance. Go ahead, oh please try it. It is an awesome journey of dancing. Learn the basics, learn the dance, dance. enough for now.

Dance Basics

I just had a good conversation with a mentee. In sharing with how I learned to work in spite of my shortcomings, I shared with her about how I learned to dance.  Okay, let me be clear- we all have strengths and weaknesses.  We should walk in our strengths and strengthen our weaknesses. The first way in strengthening is to recognize it is a weakness. We don't stay looking at where we fall, we get up and go again.  If we all stayed where we were with our faults we would never move more into what God has for us.

My father taught me how to dance. I watched as he placed his feet and then I progressed into dancing with him (yeah after stepping a few times on his feet).  When I got the basics, I could dance around the room, dance with the bedposts.  When I got older there were new dances to learn that Daddy could not teach me.  But I had the basics.  She replied was that she had to learn the dance. You have to learn the dance. enough for now.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Get Up

Feel it.  Go ahead.  Try it on.  How does it fit?  How does it feel to know that you are sustained by God?  It like that all things plan.  It all works together for good.  Hear me.  It gets hard at times, but it is not done.  There is so much available and moving right now on your behalf.  Do not let the enemy take another dream from you. Get your bearing and dream, grow, move, rearrange.  Get up . . . get going; even if in your going you are still, let it be the stillness that God ordains for you.  Otherwise, it is not your stillness, but the enemy killing you softly with his song.  Get up. enough for now.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Wake Up

TODAY!  Yes . . . This is the day! I woke up -  today.  No more I slumber wondering what could have been, what could have happened.  But today- I awakened to the promises of this day! Oh my goodness.  Yesterday and all of its crap is gone. Today is my gift from God -for new mercies. TODAY.  My promises - my hope - my dreams all realized today.  that feels good.  Oh please recognize it.

I read a quote from my calendar; which was confirmation on how I felt this morning.  "When God ordains, He sustains."  Ohhhhhh yes God does . . .yes sir. . . Oh yes.  Let that permeate your mind, your heart.  Yes.  WAKE UP.

This is your day!  WAKE UP to what God has for you - today. Enjoy the peace, the love, the presence of God in your life today. enough for now.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Because of who you are.

Hang in there. Hold on . . . help is on the way. Just breathe. Periodically foolish people come into your life. Foolish, because they don't know who they are dealing with. They have no clue who you are. And yes, they are at times so irritating, even when you try to aid them.  That is all they are- an irritation. Don't let foolish people back you into foolish situations. You are better than that.  When the fog clears you will still be standing. Not because of what you can do- because of who you are. Because of who you belong to - you are a royal priesthood. Don't forget it. enough for now.