Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Place of Breathing Easier

This journey of life will cause you to rethink priorities quickly. Sometimes, left to our own decisions we make bad turns, and then we actually switch priorities to make up for, or to catch up on. Don't get me wrong. You are constantly having to reevaluate, but what I have found is your ability to make informed decisions or to effectively reevaluate an issue can be so much smoother when listening to the guidance of Holy Spirit.

Too often you consult everyone else first before consulting God. The major difference in everyone else, including yourself is that the view is so small and skewed by the life you know.  You need someone bigger to walk with you through those things you don't know.  I know it to be true because I have watched so many people waste so much precious time worrying about what may happen and trying to devise the plan for each outcome.

Ahh, but when you bring God into the decision, when you allow self to follow divine guidance you can breathe easier. Believe me, you want the place of breathing easier. You see, it is out of that place of breathing easier that you recognize that you don't react like you once did, you don't fumble over stupid stuff like you used to do. It is out of that place of breathing easier that you realize you can evaluate with divine help. It is out of that place of breathing easier that you realize that stuff does not affect you like it did. You need that place. Take it one step at a time. Invite God into your question, into your problem, and wait. . . enough for now.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Shhh Be Still

There is a reason we are encouraged to be still, and know that God is God. In the being still we are able to realize more about who we are and whose we are.  In the being still we find we no longer need to please people. In the being still we gain a better view of self and we can learn to trust. No, not trust mankind, but trust God, in the being still. And then we can find rest, peace as we approach the ups and the downs of our journey.

Let's do that today. Rest your mind, breathe out anxiety, breathe in peace. Breathe out fear, breathe in joy. Breathe out worry, breathe in serenity. Breathe out worry, breath in excitement. Breathe out junk (you name your junk), breathe in peace. Go ahead.  I'm letting go of the bicycle- you are going. Keep going. Trust ehat God is doing in your life, right now. enough for now.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Don't Waste Precious Time

Why do we waste precious time worrying about something that may not happen?  Oh yes we do. Yes you do. I have learned that that time can be restored when you give the worry to God. What you may find out is whatever you worried about did not happen in the same way. Usually it never does happen the way you worried anyway.  

There is something "peace releasing" when you give the worry to God and then rest in that release. When you rest you usually find a different answer. Go ahead, try it. enough for now.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Get Started

Okay, we can say it is really hard to get still- to wait on God- to fully rely on God. It is. Nevertheless, it is doable. It is a doorway that so many are afraid to enter, yet to be inside the safety of that room.  Oh my. I see you, pausing there on the porch afraid to take another step to enter.  Let's examine the "why." 

Write it down."I bless you with hearing clearly from Holy Spirit. I silence the voice of the enemy. I silence your voice." Let Holy Spirit tell you, listen. The door is there and inside represents reliance on God, peace, rest; yet you stand there afraid to enter. Let's take it slow. When you hear your"why" write it down. If you hear more write them down. Then take the first one, tell God how you feel about what you wrote. When done, give that one and those feelings to God.  Do one at a time. Just start. Peace is waiting for you. enough for now.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Bigger than a Snow Storm

So now we wait. The snow storm that has been the plaguing topic for the past week is about to happen.  Actually, it is very close now.  People have been busy giving instruction on what to do, from having enough food, including non-perishable for at least three days, to having batteries, to charging up everything.  So it begins.

Don't get me wrong, this is real. But our life is real also and when do we recognize that we are to prepare for the foolishness and the distractions that hinder our walk?  How do we prepare? Pray for spiritual clarity, and then watch.  Even with the snow preparations, there is always something else to do. Even then, "Lord, which way?"

Take your journey seriously. There are many opportunities to recognize the power and the mercy of God. I thought about the brashness of someone I know when she mocked believers who pray and when she laughed at those who include God in their conversation.  Yeah, I have prayed for her, yet she is missing her opportunity and soon she will understand that. Don't miss your opportunity to hear, to walk, to rest in the mercy of one who love you so much that He gave His only son as a ransom for your stuff. Get ready, there is bigger than a snow storm coming.

Don't let anyone dictate to you how you should follow your path, or even the path that you should follow. Your life, your journey is more important than that. Don't let your past mistakes, or your past foolishness keep you bound. You are already free, walk in that freedom. Yes, you have already been freed. Walk in that.  Be ready, there is bigger than a snow storm coming. Now we wait. enough for now.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Watch for It

We watch for the big things, yet it is the little things that trip us up. The east coast has been bracing for the largest snow storm in recorded history. In the D.C. area we knew that the blizzard would arrive on Friday and continue until Sunday. Yesterday, (Thursday) we heard around 11:00a that a smaller snow storm would begin around 6:00p and continue until midnight. That did happen and it brought with it less than one inch.  But the crazy thing was that it immobilized the area. There had been no pretreating of the streets and ice had accumulated under the light snow. I suppose that everyone was waiting on Friday.

Isn't that like us? We try to prepare for the large problems but allow the small ones to slip up on us.
We miss the small stuff and it is usually the small stuff that hurts the worse. Yes, prepare for the big storms but do not dismiss the small things. enough for now.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Slow Down

Happy King Day! This is a good time to reflect on how best to not only serve others but serve God through worship.  It is a time to allow self to rest in the peace and the knowledge of who you are. It is a time to slow down and breathe.

Slow down and look at where you are from where you were last month, last week.  Has anything changed in the way you perceive life? It should have if you have been resting in God.  Those changes occur whether we notice or not.  And when we are ready and willing, the changes can be phenomenal!   You see, they are always for your good. Slow down and breathe. Allow yourself to be surprised by Holy Spirit, to be encouraged, and to grow. That is what this journey is about - your spirit growth, your spiritual transformation.  Slow down and breathe. enough for now.