Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Can you Stand the Heat?

The heat is rather rough. I don't mean outside, but inside. The air went out yesterday and won't be repaired until tomorrow. Oh my goodness, it is sweltering!  Why, the temperature outside will be 93 degrees with high humidity, and inside it is 81 degrees. Yeah, I said 81 degrees.  It is all relative.  I have worked in temperatures higher than 81 degrees.  Many people work and play in temperatures hotter. 

Here is the crazy part. I had planned on writing all day Labor day.  I didn't.  I played games and watched movies in order to be still, because it was hot.  I could have left home and rode somewhere to get cool, but I didn't, because I was drained, because it was hot.  How strange is that?  At any moment I could have the heat to get relief, but didn't.  How many times do we attempt to get away from what takes our energy, our mental strength, when all we have to do is leave?  But we don't leave and we stay there complaining about our "lot" whatever the "lot" is, how many times? 

You did not get the worst "lot" in life.  You do have way out. You are only stuck in your mind. There is always a way out, through, above, around, underneath, - always.  Don't believe the lies that you are stuck, you can't get out, you will never live free, you will never be more, you will never make it, . . . you get it.  They are all lies. There is a way. Oh you may not see it, but I promise it is there. I promise because it has been promised and it possible through Holy Spirit, our paraclete, who walks alongside, guiding us through, above, around, underneath. 

Yeah, it's hot but now I can handle it.  This is a minor thing only causing distractions for me. What are your distractions? What are the lies?  There is a way.  Shift your focus from your problems to The Solution. Watch what God is doing. enough for now.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

New Adventure

Through the early morning mist I'm watching a deer eat.  I thought back to last night as people gathered at a retreat center. 

I laughed as I chatted with some women who had never been to the country.  I mean gravel roads and miles of beautiful trees lining the way.  When the road ended they thought GPS was wrong.  And their phone signal went in and out. (I could get out but Siri refused to talk to me). We told  this was a retreat center.  One said she would be alright when she got to her room and got WIFI. You know I hollered.  No WIFi.  

To retreat. To get get away- unplug- unwind.  To hear what God is saying to you.  Many times you will get to a different road.  It does not mean the journey ends.  It means the adventure begins.  Blessings on your new adventure. enough for now.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Your Lies Will Mess You Up

Your lies will mess you up.  The ones you tell, the one you believe.  Come one, the one you tell?  You know that already.  My mother used to say, "Your lies will find you out."  Your lies affect your integrity and your health.  You have to remember too much extra data, and yes, could affect your health.  Yes, even what you believe to be "little" lies.  You have heard them, when asked about something, either, "I didn't say that," or "I don't remember."  Your lies will mess you up.  I have seen a few people messed up in their lies by their lies. Work on them. Ask Holy Spirit to guide your thoughts, your words, your actions.  We all need to be guided, it is a part of our journey

Okay, you have had a few days to  think about lies you have believed and acted upon.  If  you recognize they are not true, yet are not sure of the truth, take one lie (allow Holy Spirit to point to one).  Then ask Jesus what is the truth.  You see when you hear the Truth from The Truth then you can hold on to that.  And when ever you hear the lie - you can say "No!" Soon you will no longer hear that lie.  Do that for any untruth and you will be able to walk freer  enough for now.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wrong Moves

Have you ever signed up for one thing only find out it was changed to something else?  UGH! Anyway. It is a real pain.  Hmm. I suppose the best thing is to not sign up.  Be careful with your information and with what you think you see.  Try to get the best information possible.  People lie so freely and quickly.  Life is somewhat like moves on a chessboard.  So how can you get through?  Listen to guidance. enough for now.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Don't Look Back

I'm stuck. I'm stuck because you are stuck. Do you know how many people are stuck in messes because of the lies they believe?  They thought it was truth and walked in it- but when they found that it was not truth but a lie- then it became a problem.  You see, it is not so much that you finally learn the truth, it is a problem when you continue to look back toward the lie.  It is a little like being set free from the matrix and not liking the real thing, but wanting to be back in the matrix.  Come one.  As you become free from the lies then walk and don't look back.  enough for now.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Get Up

There is something about rising early. You are up before the world gets started. There is a sense that you have a chance to get it done, whatever your "it" is. It gives you a space for imagining the greatness of the day. It gives you an opportunity to recognize the new mercies.

Life is so short. When you think about it- it is so short.  Enjoy each day that you are given.  Enjoy a release of stupid stuff that means not a thing. Enjoy the excitement of your journey.  Yes, there is an excitement there. Come on. You watch movies that are full of thrills and chills, yet you don't turn away when the going gets tough for hero/heroine.  You are your hero/heroine.  The going does get tough, bad news does happen, sadness will come, lost is real- BUT it does not last always.  God's joy and peace is very real. This is your journey. With the roadmap in hand and your GPS (God's Personal Sketch) for you, you will make it.  (Do you like that GPS? Holy Spirit just gave it to me. cool). 

Get up. Get ready to receive your blessing each day. enough for now.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Yield not

Contracts appear to be broken so easily.  Covenants mean nothing.  Leaders are confused on their roles and lead so many hurting people into wasted places.  And this is the church.  No, it is nothing like Jesus modeled.  I'm pretty sure on this 'wasted places' because look at us, look at the church, look at U.S., look at the church in U.S. So, since I cannot fix "us" or "U.S" I can yield to the work on me.  Won't you join me in yielding to the working on your "me" on you?  What is real?  What is not real?  What is true? What is not true?  Again I say, welcome to the journey.  enough for now.