Tuesday, April 1, 2014

There is a Difference.

I find it intriguingly sad how when we are at times bombarded by the enemy, we miss the attack.  Of course, this is for those who can understand that spiritual fact.  The sad part is that we don't recognize the attack soon enough and we that we don't reach out to another in community.  You see, the enemy loves it when we isolate (to lick our wounds).  Yes, there is a difference between isolating and retreating to the embrace of God.  There is a difference.  We must be clear what we are doing.  We must clear who the enemy is.

(This is not about the news, but since I got it, I will give it). The news and media will help spin a tale that takes you where they want you to go; that is their job.  You must be clear of what is real, and what is not. Learn to ask the real questions.  Learn to hear Holy Spirit's guidance. That is where you will receive real answers to your real questions. There is a difference. 

Be clear of the deceit of the enemy.  Be clear that the enemy is not your sister, your brother.  Oh we must hear clearly Holy Spirit and be mindful that it is not our voice nor the voice of deceit.  There is a difference.  Even in the midst of a turmoil event or even in a warning that may be unnerving we find peace with Holy Spirit.  With that lying spirit we are spun into the turmoil with the mess.  There is a difference.  Today, watch what God is doing. enough for now.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

You can Change

Have you ever consented to something and found out that it was not what you wanted to spend time doing?  What did you do with it?  I consented to receiving an email blog from someone I once knew when in high school.  I am finding that it comes too much and the views are not my views. 

There comes a time when you have to be clear of the why you do a thing.  In this case - it was to support.  But my support is not giving me a contented feeling.  So I shall stop receiving the email.

That was fairly simple- but how many times do we continue along a path that we are not comfortable- all because we are trying to support?  It is not a path that Holy Spirit has guided you on but a path of people pleasing?  You do not have to continue.  Get clarity from Holy Spirit and then follow that path.  Let the other junk go.  Take a new deep breath. enough for now.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

God Still Is

My goodness.  There is so much going on with so many believers.  So many decisions to be made, so many 'what ifs'.  I have heard so many sad stories that make no sense, all in a short time. People are hurting- in physical and emotional pain.  Now that is not normal; so I'm thinking that the enemy has stepped up the attack, as so many believers in this season of Lent are partaking in spiritual disciplines of abstinence or engagement.  The thing about it- is that we are doing it together and that causes concern for the enemy.  Hang in there. Do not be confused or distracted.  Stay focused and in prayer as God Still Is- God is still in charge, still merciful, still protecting; still all knowing, still all seeing, still everywhere at the same time, still loving you.  God is still all of that and more!

That is enough right there.  God is still so much more than anything the enemy can do.  And you are still in God's care.  If you feel weak, then be carried.  If you feel sad, then be encouraged.  If you feel confused, then listen.  Oh I bless you with from Holy Spirit.  I silence the voice of the enemy.  I silence your voice.  If you need to grieve- do so, and then let God have it.  Hold on, stay focused, and watch what God is doing.  Blessings of peace! enough for now.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

It has Begun

Yesterday marked the first day of Lent.  I encourage you to join me by walking this time in closer contemplation of the journey that Jesus took - for us.  Yes, I encourage either a spiritual discipline of abstinence or engagement if it takes you closer to a place of preparation, prayer, and discipline. Blessings as you become more aware of who you are. enough for now.

Friday, February 28, 2014

A Beautiful Blessing

I had a beautiful blessing the other day.  I was not feeling well and had to do some writing.  (who lives in another state) did not know this but texted me to bless me with a day of productivity.  Now I do understand the power in the blessing.  It is a divine power that we have been given.  And I constantly bless others with what I hear from Holy Spirit; yet I do not receive many blessings. Well not in the same vein; this is not a complaint, but an observation. My blessings abound from other ways.  You know God has no limits.  So, when my son blessed me, I felt empowered to finish what I was working on.

I encourage you to listen to Holy Spirit and when He places someone on your heart to pronounce a blessing - do so.  Spend time with Ephesians 2:6.  enough for now.

Monday, February 17, 2014

"Live on Purpose"

Yes, so much is going on. Yes, people have lost their mind.  Yes, it does not make sense.  Yes, there is something we can do. Yes, you have it in you.  But first - what is going on with you?  Where is your heart? your focus?  That will determine how you act, react.  Let's just start with you. 

Allow yourself to be whom you have already been created. I said it like that on purpose.  God has already shaped you, blessed you with gifts and talents, and given you a straight line to the heart of God.  That is how much you are loved.  When you recognize that, you can walk in that amid all types of craziness.  Carolyn Knight says so often, "Live on Purpose."  I agree as that purpose is yours and yours alone.  Walk into it.  Watch what God is doing in your life. enough for now.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hold on to it- Real Love

See how quickly we move past a date?  Valentines is over and the love is gone.  Don't you want something more substantial?  more secure?  I do.  I want more than a "valentine love" when men in many places greets with "happy valentine," or "happy mother's day."  Why can't they greet that sentiment all year?  No, not just the words, but the sentiment - from the heart.  Why can't we do the same?  We can, the love does not come from a commercial day- but from an overflow of God's love for us.  Let's try it.  Start now, as we move into this Lenten season.  Receive God's love and then allow it to overflow to another. 

While in India the people that I connect with greeted me with "Namaste." All I could get out was a nod and hello. I was back at home before I realized just what that greeting meant.  "I bow to the divine in you."  My my.  People greeting me with "Namaste."  It didn't matter where I was from.  Did you hear it? Here, at home, we don't even greet some people who do not look like, act like, dress like we do.  You know I'm right. But to recognize God's creation of another human, oh my goodness.  Let's do it. I believe when you get it in you spirit you can be sincere. To get that is you spirit, you must recognize who you are as God's beloved.  Let that be your season- a season of recognizing you- of God's love for you.  That love is without bounds and cannot be dated.  It is always new!  And then let that love overflow.  Namaste. enough for now.