Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Happy Father's Day

I waited to say, "Happy Father's Day."  Too often fathers do not hear that, and all too often, after that day nothing else is said.  Blessings of encouragement to the fathers and the mothers who were and are both mother and father. To those who labor and never hear, "thanks" or "I Love you."  You are indeed beloved by God.  Sometimes young people do not get what it takes to be a father and so they rebel.  Sometimes they don't know how to say, "I'm sorry," and they wallow in despair and/or guilt. 

The Prodigal Son in Luke 15 squandered his father's wealth, but not his father's love.  Sometimes we squander our Father's wealth, but never His love.  We can take note from that passage and turn back.  Children can take note from that passage and turn back.  They can't take note unless we teach them.  Fathers teach the children.  Fathers, teach the children. enough for now.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

And then Rain

There was a great downpour as I left home.  And then it stopped. And then it started and then I drove out of it. Now there is a calm- no rain. Yes, a threat of rain,but no rain presently.  My umbrella is resting from keeping me dry.

There will times in your life that the downpour of trouble, pain, and heartache will flow.  And then it will stop. Or you will grow out of it. Even in the times of great downpours remember, they do not last always.  And even with the threat of downpour your umbrella will keep you dry.  

Can I go on? Holy Spirit will guide you though the storms - oh you know that.  Then apply it.  Why do you get so caught up with what may happen?  It may not happen the way you think.  No, it never happens the way you think.  With the Word implanted  in your heart and Holy Spirit guiding you are indeed covered.  

Funny thing about rain - it is needed and usually washes away stuff.  Your downpours may be ways of washing away your stupid stuff.  Don't know, but I do know who does know.  Please don't waste another minute of "what if"? Not if you accept Divine guidance.  Go ahead, try it. enough for now.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

All Things

How many times do I hear that I am not as young as I was?  I realize that I am not; however, God is.  And as long as God is still in control- then I am- and can indeed do all things through Him that strengthens me.

Blessings of peace as you move in realization of the awesome power of God. enough for now.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Watch More

Watch what God is doing in your life.  I can not say it enough.  There are so many things happening and you really do not want to miss them.  It's the 'all things' plan of God.  Go ahead, try it.  Oh you will be surprised.  enough for now.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Cherish the Day

Today I recognized something.  Close friends and school friends that I had when I was young have been reconnected through Facebook. Distant family members that I am not as close to have been reconnected through Facebook. This is not a advertisement.  The song rings true: Make new friends but keep thee old. One is silver and the other gold.  

Social media has expanded our circles and we share with others where they are, pray for their pain, rejoice in their celebration.  You really don't know who you will connect again on your journey.  Cherish each person as one of significance.  You see, even the pain bringer, the lier, the one that causes you great hurt - yes, you can learn from all of them. Lament the hurt, grieve the loss and continue on. Let it go!  Life really is too short to hold on to the stupid stuff that we hold dear.  Not sure what to do?  Check with Holy Spirit.  There is so much more for you in your life. Cherish each day. enough for now.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Make a Stand.

Why is it so hard to stand up for what you believe?  Hmm could it be that you are not sure just what you believe?  At what point do you risk it all to say "no more" "not today" "not again"?   What is your ground?  You need to know and then you need to make above at that point. If you do not, then someone, something, some event,  some person, place or thing will take your ground and you have nothing to stand on.  

So how do you start?  Start by kneeling on your ground, get instructions from Holy Spirit. And then stand.  And as you stand you will make a statement.  Did you see it?  When you are clear on what you are standing on and why you are standing then you will make strong moves.

Oh my goodness yes! Bring our daughters back! But then I cried that when Infirst heard it- three weeks ago. Yes, bring them back.  

But more than that - take your life back! Back from fear, doubt,guilt, worry.  Make a stand now. enough for now.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Oh how easily we can become distracted.  Yes, we have just celebrated the resurrection.  I found it difficult as too many places are too busy pushing their agenda and have forgotten about the agenda of our risen Lord.  What is happening?  Why are we so caught up in having gifts and are missing our gift? Why are we so focused on what others are doing and we lose our path?  Why can we not celebrate the journey of Jesus which has secured our journey?  Why?  

We have become too distracted.  We have begun to believe our own hype, and I guarantee that will not take us too far. Can we please call out for help?  Can we please recognize that we are lost?  We need help now.  Too many lies, too much deceit, too little respect for the things of God.  Look at you!  No, don't look at anyone else, look at self.  Ask, "is it me?" not "what is she talking about?"  

So you have made it through your fasting.  Now what? Are you any better?  Have you become more contemplative?  Are you walking closer with God?  Come on.  That is what it is about.  Don't stop now.   Run . . .run to follow Him . . .run to get that closer walk . . .run to let yourself to be wooed by God's love for you.  Oh He loves you, that is why Jesus accomplished his mission.  Let us walk together to see where our journey takes us. We can walk assured that we are not alone.  enough for now.