Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Won't He Do It?

Oh, won't He do it? Yes, He will. Yes, He can. Yes, He does. Yes. Just when you feel at your wits end. Just when you think there is no hope left- God. Yes, He will do it. What is your 'it'? What is your last effort place? What is it that you are hanging onto for dear life? What is it? Let go and watch what God does. After all, you couldn't do it. It may be that you had to be here so you could see what God is doing. I don't know, but I can answer "Won't He do it?"  Yes.

Maybe you need help, maybe you need healing, maybe you need release from pain, heartache, or sorrow. Maybe you need peace. Oh yeah- peace, the shalom of God. We all need God's shalom. And we can receive it. Stop . . . let go . . . wait . . . rest . . . watch what God is doing. Yes, He will do it. enough for now.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

These Three

Faith, family, and friends. These three. Community. These three keep you in community. These three strengthen you and when they are positive, they are uplifting. Your family and friends should be encouraging you and your faith walk. If not, somethng may be wrong. You see, sometimes you may have friends or family that are not positive. You should politely place them outside of your inner circle. Sometimes we link up with those that mean us no good, and constantly deplete our energy. You must get them out of your inner circle. Not sure how? Let Holy Spirit show you how to "walk away' from those that deplete your energy. And let Holy Spirit show you who is to be in your inner circle. 

Faith, family, friends. Let's look at that faith thing. You see, sometimes we have faith in the wrong person, place, or thing. And that causes us great harm. Have faith in God and in His promises to you.  Too often we blame God for our misplaced judgment, and that ain't cool. It is wasted energy, and it sets us off down a rabbit trail of misplaced trust; and the enemy loves that. You see, any distraction from Truth is a lie and will be used against you by the enemy. Afraid? Scripture says it takes faith the size of a mustard seed. "I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there,' and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you" (Matt. 17:20 NIV). Wow. If that is all it takes, look at what faith that is larger than a mustard seed can do. Oh how God loves us. But your faith must be in God. 

Faith, family, friends. Faith in God, loving family, supporting friends. Yes, it is possible to have a strong community. I know it to be so because Holy Spirit showed me this earlier. These three- it is possible to have because of the big Three- Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Yes, you can. Yes they will. Yes, to your life! enough for now.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Which Way?

TODAY. Today rest is offered to you - take it. Today peace is offered to you - receive it. Today you have a fresh start on an otherwise uneventful day. You see it is all new to you. Change your focus, change the way you look at the day. This is an adventure! Watch for what you will see differently. Watch for the newness in the ordinary. This day belongs to you! Watch what God is doing in your life, today. Watch and ask which way? enough for now.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Thank Him

I didn't do it yesterday, but I am still marveling at the joy that arrived in my life 47 years ago, yesterday- my son. I marvel that God trusted me- me, with something so precious. Wow. And through it all, God has kept him and guided him into places that he dreamed, and couldn't dream. I love you Marq. Thank you Lord for keeping Marq. Thank you for loving me, and trusting me.

How about you? God has trusted you with life. Wow, that is a big thing. Why don't you thank Him? enough for now.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Listen, and Follow

Think about how you react to everyday challenges. Has it changed at all? It should if you are growing. You should not be reacting to similar challenges the way you did even a year ago, if you are growing. Some may not now cause a reaction. You should be growing more into recognizing distractions in your life. That is what they are there for- to distract. So be still, and look at how you handle distractions, how quickly can you recognize them. Can you? You can if you are listening for Holy Spirit's guidance. Try it today. Listen, and follow. enough for now.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Try It

How often do you miss one little important aspect, or one little important piece? Hmm, let me do it another way. How many times have you assembled something and had one little screw, or one spring left? Or you were following a recipe and when you were done found that you had left out one ingredient? You don't even know where it was to go? Okay, did I get everybody? How many times? How many relationships have been harmed because you did not hear it all? or have all the facts? How many jobs have been lost because someone did not get all the facts?

How many times did you start out on a journey of bliss and when it got rocky you could not get your footing and gave up- whether it was relationships, friendships, jobs? Come on. How many times? We all have been there. And we may get there again if we do not learn how to offer everything we do to God. Yes. When we offer it - the situation, the activity, the person, place, or thing, to God, we resolve to follow Holy Spirit's guide. It is at that point we can see what we may missed earlier. Oh, try it. Oh you will not believe the peace. 

Breathe. Try it. enough for now.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Get it Out

I am amazed at how a good cry out to the Lord puts everything in proper perspective. It just clears things up. I think it is when we recognize that we are totally reliant upon Him and that He does have a plan for our life. It is release. I may be a good lament that leads to a great praise and then resolve. Don't hold things twirling in your head. You can't work it out alone, no, you don't have to work it out alone. Your load is bearable because you are yoke with Jesus. Go ahead, let it out, release, resolve, and then watch what God is doing. enough for now.