Saturday, October 18, 2014

Each Day

A new day.  It really does not matter what you are going through.  It is a new day.  A new moment to find yourself. An awesome chance to accept Holy Spirit's guide.  A new opportunity to follow God's will for your life.  It is a new day.  Oh please do not miss this day, this chance, this opportunity to see what God has in store for you TODAY.  Each day, new mercies I see. each day.  enough for now.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Waiting wears you out, doesn't it?  Look at how much waiting we actually do.  And since, most of the time, waiting is irritating, we absorb that irritation.  And we become instantly irritated when we realize that we must wait - on anything.  Think about it.  I know I have been there. 

The sad part about it is that we transfer that irritation while waiting on God. Yes we do. We try to work ahead of God.  We try to 'make it happen'.  Oh but it does not work like that.  We hear a little of what God has said and we run with it.  And we find that we fail.  Wait on God.  Whew! Wait on God.  Come on, say it . . . now wait.  enough for now.

Friday, October 3, 2014


Sometimes it is refreshing to be with like minded people. It does not mean that you know them but that you can relate.  Have you ever been there?  

In a society where people are becoming less communicative it is refreshing to chat about whatever without it being "forced." In my case it was in Zoup and we actually had conversations about the offerings of soup.  Ah such refreshing fun.   

Wait on the place of chat with strangers for you.  Enjoy it and keep on going.  It is a part of that smile and receive a smile. enough for now.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Learn to Depend Upon the Right One

Have you noticed how much you depend on others?  Yes, it is good to be in community, however the reasons you have for depending on others may be a little twisted.  Take time today to examine who you depend upon, and why.  I've heard too many horror stories on people depending on another and they were terribly disappointed.  You will always be disappointed if you depend solely on another human. That's how it is. It is not as bad as you may think if you recognize the roles we have. We are responsible for self and accountable for others. 

Let me get you started.  You cannot depend upon anyone else for your happiness,your peace.  That peace comes from depending totally upon God. Go ahead, try Him. You will be pleasantly surprised. enough for now.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Don't get Lost

How often do we allow ourselves to be pulled into arguments with ourselves about ourselves. You know -trying to find out how and why you are doing what you are doing. Or why you did what you did. Oh but when you get still, you realize that what you are fighting is absolutely not a thing.  And you find that you have wasted so much time - so much time.  It is a distraction caused by lies that have thrown you off.  Don't allow yourself to waste not another minute.  Get still and breathe.  Be still until you receive clarity from Holy Spirit - direction - guidance.  And then follow. enough for now.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Oh How Many Times

How many? How many times?  How many times do we turn from God to follow our own agenda?  It could be something as simple as not trusting what God has said. How many times?  Oh ask yourself, Lord, is it me?  The enemy will trap you with lies, and lies that your believe will mess you up. Yes they will.  If God has said it, then hold on and move toward it.  Go ahead, try Him.  enough for now.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Cherish it All

What is it?  Go ahead, what is it?  What is your testimony?  I had an interesting conversation with someone that had not seen enough change.  But then I've seen that play out during testimonies in some churches. You can see how people are trying to find their  biggest testimony.  And then there are those who give "He woke me up this morning."  Oh yes God did.  Do you know that God is still rearranging?  Still changing you? He changes as He sees fit.  You are being transformed constantly.  If your change, your transformation appears to be minimal, it is still change. 

Never be afraid to tell what you know about your transformation.  Never worry that it sounds too small.  Each step in your transformation is a step toward your freedom.  Cherish it all! enough for now.