Thursday, August 19, 2010

Look Up

We spend too much time looking at the ground and not enjoying the scenes in the sky.  Let me say a little more.  We spend too much time and energy worrying, fretting, about the issues that arise in our lives.  Let me go a little farther- we spend too much time focusing on stuff that we fail to live.  We are so busy watching and deciding our next steps that we simply miss God's lead on the path. 

A childhood friend called me last night. He has gone through treatment for cancer and is doing well.  As I pondered the conversation this morning I thought about how very short life is.  My parents used to say that all the time when my sister and I were little.  Their remedy was to enjoy life.  Oh, they had a strong work ethic, so it does not mean to mess life up. 

So I go back to how we waste too much time focusing on stuff and miss the wonder of the scenes in the sky.  Watch the clouds, the stars, the rain.   Listen to God and then follow His plan for you.  It will definitely keep you from so much worry. I promise. Spend more time contemplating the wonder of life, and family, and friends, and love, and the wonder of God. 

Look up today, tonight and enjoy the so many blessings that you have been given. type to you later.

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