Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Find the Path

Do you know how easily you can become distracted from your path, your assignment?  And it usually appears just a little off from what you have been directed. It usually falls into that 'reach out' realm.  I had a great conversation with my sister on an issue that I was trying to help remedy for a group of people.  It is not mine to remedy, but to listen for my instructions from Holy Spirit.  It definitely is not near my mission statement, nor my mission.  Soooo, I had to get back to my path.  

You see, so many times I feel I can bring E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E along to help them when many times it is for me to go alone.  So there you have it.  Search your heart, check yourself.  Have you strayed from your path?  You can't pick every flower, care for every stray animal (smile).   Find your path, and follow it.  And when your path crosses the path of others, make sure you follow your path when it separates.  I think that is where too many get confused. 

Today- on Fat Tuesday- eat it up, let it go, get ready.  May I suggest that you try any one of the Spiritual Disciplines during this Lenten Season?  You see, the disciplines are to allow you a closer communication with God.  Too often, people 'give up' something they care about, such as sweets, only to pick it back up on Easter.  But if you choose something that comes between you and God - that would be a great thing to consider.  If you choose something that hinders your health, that would be a great thing.  Ask Holy Spirit what hinders your spiritual growth, your participation in connecting to His will.   Then work toward giving that up, or taking something on.   

Soooo.  While you are considering the option, I say choose a discipline: Prayer, fasting, solitude, silence, study, meditation, service, simplicity.  These are a only a few.  Two great books to study during this season would be, "A Celebration of Discipline,"  and "Prayer, Finding the Hearts True Home," both by Richard Foster. 

Use this Lenten season to get back on your path.  Can't find it?  Then get still, and listen.  Can't hear, then wait.  Not sure?  Try a spiritual discipline.  type to you later.

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