Tuesday, November 15, 2011

LIve Life

Why do so many leaders in the church keep the congregation crippled?  It would be so much better to aid in the spiritual transformation of the congregants by teaching and discipling them.  Instead, leaders tend to leave the congregation in the playpen, offering a 'toy' of superficial praise of a job well done or some other acknowledgement.   Why?  Why can't the congregants see it?  What they don't understand can be damaging to them.   They can't see because many of them refuse to believe.  And so they stay in the playpen, never questioning what is beyond the playpen.  And the leaders are fine with that because many of them cannot handle your playpen questions. 

Step out, study, pray, and study again. . And then find someone else to aid you in understanding. You have an awesome opportunity to grow through the adverse conditions you presently find yourself in. There is more, life! Live it fully. type to you later!

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