Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It is Not too Late

It is crazy how we finally realize that 'oops it is later in life than we thought'.   And we think about how we could have done things differently. It is later, but it's too late.  Look at what you have accomplished so far.  Oh you think there is nothing, but you have so much more than you know.  Start there and then thank God for what has already happened, and for what will be.  The sky is the limit.  I don't care how low you feel, how empty you are, how meaningful life appears to be- there is hope!  

Allow Holy Spirit to guide you, listen with a willing heart to follow.  Sure, Holy Spirit will guide you through some interesting places, along some wild paths, but all for your good.  Can you become flexible enough to follow?  I have found that too many believers are not flexible.  And that rigidity has brought them to that place of 'oops it is later in life than we thought'.  Allow Holy Spirit to stretch you. type to you later.

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