Friday, May 11, 2012

Reading is Fundamental

Reading is Fundamental.  How many times to hear that?  Oh but reading is indeed fundamental.  How do you read?  Some of us skip ahead to see what's up. Some pause and ponder every bit.  Some read, get the gist roll on.  And there are time that each of these may be beneficial.  But look at how may miss something when reading 'people'.  Look at how you read a scripture basically skipping over it because you know it.  Tat says that there is nothing else to be learned.  So not true. When you begin to read without your own filters,  or read through your filters you just may find a different view. So, try something for me.  Read the book of Phillipians.  Take your time.

Let me introduce you to the practice of lectio divina (sacred reading).  It involves four steps.
1. Lectio -reading the scripture to familiarize yourself with the verse.
2. Meditatio -pondering without analysis, on the verse, allowing one word or phrase to assume importance.
3. Oratio -praying or journaling regarding the significance of the word or phrase.
4. Contemplatio -resting and listening to the Lord for His message/invitation concerning the word or phrase.

Go ahead.  I will allow you to slow down and hear.  And it is good practice for slowing down before you make incorrect assumptions. Reading is fundamental.  Reading God'sWord is essential.  type to you later.
Go ahead

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