Thursday, July 26, 2012


As I was contemplating my life to this moment I can see traces of where the dots connect.  And it became so clear to me - moves.  Now I am about to make a move f residence and although I eagerly look forward to the move, I still had a tad bit of apprehension.  So today - moves.  Moves are progress and why on earth do we fear some and look forward to others?  I mean, after all, we make one move or another every day.  If we possibly took more time to contemplate the moves we make, we could probably bypass some mistakes we make.

No, it does not mean that we won't make mistakes, after all, we are human. But just think how calmer life would be when if we took time to contemplate.  Yes, we have time.  You see, if we included Holy Spirit in the contemplation, if we paused for a check for God on our journey, if we got a nod from Jesus, then our moves would be surer.  You see, the path may still be crazy, yet inclusion of Holy Spirit in the decision would assure us that we will make it.  God didn't promise an easy path, but a sure path.  Jesus already handled our success through His life, death and resurrection.  Hey, what do we have to lose?

So get out there!  Get on the path of your journey.  Contemplate your moves by hearing from Holy Spirit and enjoy your every aspect of your journey. type to you later.

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