Sunday, September 29, 2013

Run On

As you move through life you complete task after task, moving through season after season, trial after trial, joy after joy. You are almost done. You can see the finish line. Yes, it has been difficult, whatever 'it' is. Anything worth having is worth the work. Let me share what I learned when I was in high school. I competed in a junior Olympics and I was up to run.  I waited for the person that I would be running against, my heart pumping to get started. My coach, Booker T, was talking to the officials. I thought I had won by default. I thought. Booker T came to me to give the report. He told me that I would not have any person to run against, but I could not take my time. I had to beat the clock. I had to beat my best time. Then Booker T said something that has stayed with all these years. He said, "Don't run to the finish line, run through the finish line."

 As Booker T left the track I looked up in the stands and saw those cheering for me, then the gun shot signaled the start, and I was off. Did you hear it? "Don't run to the finish line, run through the finish line." Run, knowing that there are those encouraging you to make it.  You do not have to beat anyone but your best time.  In this life's journey, run, knowing that your best time sometimes may not be speed but ethical decisions you make, and the love you share.  Run, understanding that your approval comes from the Author and Finisher of your race. enough for now.

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