Thursday, November 7, 2013

Colors of Change

I'm looking outside of my window and I love the colors of change.  There are so many signs of growth and life. I pause - and marvel at the colors of my change.  And again, there are signs of growth and life. 

This is a marvelous time for of reflection for you to check out the colors of your change.  Ah, yes, you should see growth.  Be still . . . and wait.  You see, in order to wait - that is growth.  Too often we rush around trying to get the best seat, the best spot, the newest things, first in line; but to what end?  To wait gives a different perspective. 

How do you wait?  Glad you asked. Wait on Holy Spirit.  Listen for direction. Follow that guidance.  It really is so very cool. You will find that what you felt important is not as important as you thought. Watch to see what God is doing in your life. Enjoy your colors of change.  enough for now.

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