Sunday, February 16, 2014

Hold on to it- Real Love

See how quickly we move past a date?  Valentines is over and the love is gone.  Don't you want something more substantial?  more secure?  I do.  I want more than a "valentine love" when men in many places greets with "happy valentine," or "happy mother's day."  Why can't they greet that sentiment all year?  No, not just the words, but the sentiment - from the heart.  Why can't we do the same?  We can, the love does not come from a commercial day- but from an overflow of God's love for us.  Let's try it.  Start now, as we move into this Lenten season.  Receive God's love and then allow it to overflow to another. 

While in India the people that I connect with greeted me with "Namaste." All I could get out was a nod and hello. I was back at home before I realized just what that greeting meant.  "I bow to the divine in you."  My my.  People greeting me with "Namaste."  It didn't matter where I was from.  Did you hear it? Here, at home, we don't even greet some people who do not look like, act like, dress like we do.  You know I'm right. But to recognize God's creation of another human, oh my goodness.  Let's do it. I believe when you get it in you spirit you can be sincere. To get that is you spirit, you must recognize who you are as God's beloved.  Let that be your season- a season of recognizing you- of God's love for you.  That love is without bounds and cannot be dated.  It is always new!  And then let that love overflow.  Namaste. enough for now.

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