Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Oh how easily we can become distracted.  Yes, we have just celebrated the resurrection.  I found it difficult as too many places are too busy pushing their agenda and have forgotten about the agenda of our risen Lord.  What is happening?  Why are we so caught up in having gifts and are missing our gift? Why are we so focused on what others are doing and we lose our path?  Why can we not celebrate the journey of Jesus which has secured our journey?  Why?  

We have become too distracted.  We have begun to believe our own hype, and I guarantee that will not take us too far. Can we please call out for help?  Can we please recognize that we are lost?  We need help now.  Too many lies, too much deceit, too little respect for the things of God.  Look at you!  No, don't look at anyone else, look at self.  Ask, "is it me?" not "what is she talking about?"  

So you have made it through your fasting.  Now what? Are you any better?  Have you become more contemplative?  Are you walking closer with God?  Come on.  That is what it is about.  Don't stop now.   Run . . .run to follow Him . . .run to get that closer walk . . .run to let yourself to be wooed by God's love for you.  Oh He loves you, that is why Jesus accomplished his mission.  Let us walk together to see where our journey takes us. We can walk assured that we are not alone.  enough for now.

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