Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Cherish the Day

Today I recognized something.  Close friends and school friends that I had when I was young have been reconnected through Facebook. Distant family members that I am not as close to have been reconnected through Facebook. This is not a advertisement.  The song rings true: Make new friends but keep thee old. One is silver and the other gold.  

Social media has expanded our circles and we share with others where they are, pray for their pain, rejoice in their celebration.  You really don't know who you will connect again on your journey.  Cherish each person as one of significance.  You see, even the pain bringer, the lier, the one that causes you great hurt - yes, you can learn from all of them. Lament the hurt, grieve the loss and continue on. Let it go!  Life really is too short to hold on to the stupid stuff that we hold dear.  Not sure what to do?  Check with Holy Spirit.  There is so much more for you in your life. Cherish each day. enough for now.

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