Thursday, April 30, 2015

Concerned without being Consumed

So much going on.  Find one, pick one. Can you?  You can't and you may miss what is really happening.  My thoughts are with Baltimore and everything that the real deal means.  And with Nepal and so many who have lost their lives. And with the rescued women of Boka Haram. And with the over 2000 young people missing in Detroit. And with concerns for my family. And with my own concerns.  

You see?  You can have a lot going on and still miss that one thing that you should have been focused on.  I suggest strongly to shift your focus. We must shift our focus to what God is doing.  Oh yeah God is doing something; and when we can focus on what God is doing first in our lives, then we can better see our way to the concerns that are ours.  We can be concerned without being consumed.  And then, we can pray and stand.  enough for now.

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