Monday, February 22, 2016

One More Thing

One more thing. There is always one more thing. I think if we would appreciate that we do have one more thing, then we could embrace life a little more positive. I think if we would allow ourselves to let God in on ourselves then we could walk in our peace.

After attending a prayer healing event I as bombarded with outside problems, and then came the barrage of "what to do?" First I had to get direction from Holy Spirit. Then I recognized that 'this was not my fight'. As soon as I moved through that I knew what to do. Just be still, after all, Holy Spirit guides this journey.

Let me give you an interesting example: Field of Dreams- the movie with KevinCostner.  Have you seen it?  This is not to spiritualize it but when he heard the direction from the voice he acted on it. In spite of seemingly sane people telling him differently. Watch it. Please understand that, as believers, we do not listen the same as everyone. We do not hear the same.  And while we may recognize our guidance, many times we do not follow Divine instruction. But following Divine instruction is part of the journey. And even though the one more thing we can move through, work through, grow through and see a new way. Be blessed in your one more thing. Oh, one more thing-watch what God is doing. enough for now.

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