Saturday, July 23, 2016

Your Regalness

I find it interesting that in this place in time there are those that attempt to make me jump through unnecessary hoops for something I desire. Let me unpack that. As a person of color in America, there is always one more "t" that must be crossed or one more "i" that needs to be dotted. But there comes a time when one must realize that you are who you are without the weight that others want to impose. That time for me came long ago. I am who I am because of whose I am- yeah that was bad English. I am who I am because I am a daughter of The King. And I walk in that identity. Yes, others may not understand who I am, but I do.

What does it say for you? Oh please recognize that you are bigger than, you are more important, you are valued, you are God's Beloved: and what God has for you is for you- no hoops attached. Others may not understand who you are. That is their problem, not yours. Walk in the reality, the regalness of your royal identity. Recognize and walk, do not limp, into your destiny. enough for now.

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