Thursday, January 25, 2018

No One Told Him

As I walked out of the mountain a large bird swooped past me out of a tree and to the ground. I stood stunned while watchng the bird as he joined the other chickens on the ground. Stunned - because I was told that chickens can’t fly. Yet, there it was, here in Jamaica, a chicken flying out of a tree. No one told him that he couldn’t fly. 

How many times are we limited in what we believe because someone has limited us? How many times have we been told what we can’t do because someone else couldn’t do it?  Oh I offer the sky is the limit. Where are you bound by what you thought? Go ahead, try it. I hear R. Kelly’s song, “I Believe I can Fly.” What do you believe? Oh you can do it. Believe it, after all no one told that chicken. enough for now.

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