Monday, September 6, 2010

It is a Long Way from Home

I am watching the original 'Star Wars' movie.  And you know it is - no matter how many times you watch something you just may find something different.  When he realized that he was going to have to leave home, Luke Skywalker said, "That's a long way from here."  Hmmm.  I thought back to 'Lord of the Rings', when Frodo realized that he would leave home on a long adventure far from the shire.  Both characters were happy in their own environment living their simple lives. Heroes are developed from those characters, not from the one who pushes to make self known.  In scripture: David was an unsuspecting lad who became a hero, Abraham had to leave home to go to place he did not know. 

Oh there are many more.  But what about you? What have you had to do that was so out of your 'comfort zone'?  Where have you been placed that was not what you had planned?  What is God saying to you? Heroes are those who accomplish the mission.  God gives the mission,God directs the mission. Your mission will take you places you may not know, it may place you in unfamiliar situations, it will be out of the ordinary for you.  It will be a long way from home.  Enjoy your journey.  type to you later.

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