Monday, October 18, 2010

60 is a Big Thing

There have been so many lessons that I have learned.  There have been so many people to pass through my life.  There have been times that I have been the teacher, and times that I have taught.  I have had great moments and some not so great.  I have ran wonders and sometimes walked slowy around.

I have been able to interact with so many in their life dramas.  I have felt the pain of too many as their lives unfolded.  There have been great teachable moments and some rough teachable moments.   I have given to many and received far less in return.  I have cared for those who did not express care for me. I have been faithful to institutions who were not faithful to me.   It has been a great time of living and learning.

Yes indeed- 60 is a big thing.  Of course, many times during these years I didn't handle things the way God directed; yet God loved me and presented many more opportunities to love God back.  You see- it really is not about the people, places, or things you are surrounded with.  It is how you love people or places through God, how you serve God by making a positive difference with things.  Oh yeah- serving God is so much more than carrying a big bible that you don't read, or faking. . . you fill it in.  Serving God serves others, it is finding your mission, your contribution to life and doing it.  It is encouraging others to do the same.

I thank Father/Mother God for my parents who were here sixty years ago.  Life is so short.  I thank God for family and friends who have gone on.  I thank God for my family and friends now, and for each life experience.  You see, each life experience gives me another chance to grow in God's image.   I thank everyone who offered birthday greetings.  You blessed me.

Whatever age you are- get excited about the moment.  God has given you years to grow and make a difference through loving and living the life God has given you.  Quite a few people have shared with me their anguish in pleasing people.  You only have God to please, people are benefited by it.  Enjoy your life.  I will enjoy mine.  Although 120 is promised, I may not get another 60 years but I will enjoy whatever God has for me.  Yes, 60 is a big thing. type to you later.

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