Monday, October 25, 2010

Bitter Vows

Bitter Vows.  We all make them at some time or another.  They are the things we say that we really should not say because they are released in the atmosphere. You know, "I'll never listen to her/him again," "I can do good all by myself."  You know, those things that make us think we have regained control when we feel we have lost control.   Now that that is out the way, let's move on.

One bitter vow that I had to come to terms with was, "I'm not used to this,"  -whatever the "this" is.  It gave me a sense of control and superiority because I was not accustomed to such- whatever "it" was.  Today- I renounced that vow and moved forward.  Come on - who was I to assume that whatever position life arranges was not where I was to be?  After all God is in control and not me.  And that is good.

What bitter vows have you proclaimed?  Take them one at a time and renounce them.  Allow Holy Spirit to guide you through the process of release. I bless you  with spiritual clarity. type to you later

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