Monday, November 1, 2010

The Grasshopper's journey

Experiencing God.  What does that look like?  Yesterday, as I was leaving home, I noticed a large green grasshopper on the outside rear view mirror.  I laughed when I thought about the grasshopper's surprise when he realizes that his destination is nothing like his starting place.

I thought about our experience with God.  No matter when or how we come to God, it will be an experience.  We will not stay in one place. Our journey's end will be nothing like our starting place. God takes us where we are and when we hang on- yes hang on, because it is indeed an experience; when we hang on we will have experienced God for self.   You see, it is not about hearing others' experiences, not about reading of others' trials and triumphs through God but having a real relationship- one that you can hold on to yourself.

The grasshopper held on for at least two miles and then began to struggle to hold tight. It finally gave up and fell off.  The cool part with God is when you make the decision to hang on God holds on when you are weak.  Seek God- get your own experiences. type to you later.

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