Sunday, January 23, 2011

Be Content

Wow!  Aren't you amazed at how God 'feels' your thoughts, hears your needs, supplies you peace?  

Let me see can I show you this playing out:  I was going to start by sharing that yesterday I got my zest back.  I have been too busy trying to get others to 'let me in', when God has already given me my own 'in'.  Isn't that crazy?  Those who know me understand.  One sad part of my lack of zest was my lack of writing.  I was too busy doing what was expected that I was not missing the use of my gifts, and missing complete joy from God.  I couldn't be 'content'.  You know,". . .for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances" (Phil. 411bNIV).  Oh but that's over now.

Watch this:  Yesterday I bought "The Pocket Thomas Merton, which is a collection of Merton's paragraphs."  While I was waiting for my laptop to load I read the author's intro and - well let me share it.

"At the heart of Merton's Spirituality is his distinction between our real and false selves. Our false selves are the identities we cultivate in order to function in society with pride and self-possession; our real selves are a deep religious mystery, known entirely only to God. The world cultivates the false self, ignores the real me, and therein lies the great irony of human existence;  the more we make of ourselves, the less we actually exist" (Inchausti 2005).

I think you get it.  I was happier when I functioned in my real self.  And that is where I return.  Join me in this year, in this season of contemplation discarding the false self.  I think that is what Paul had achieved when he could be content in whatever the circumstance.  type to you later

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