Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Let Nothing Disrupt

Yesterday I allowed a schedule to disrupt me.  Think about it.  The schedule was printed on a piece of paper by people who have no concern for me.  It should have never been printed; yet I was UPSET- about something printed on a piece of paper. I allowed something printed to disrupt my life.  Can you feel me? 

When I calmed down I started laughing.   Me, God's Beloved, upset about man's planned disruption of my plans. How absurd!  I forgot for a moment who was really in charge.  Now let me say it another way.  How often are we bent out of shape because someone threw an obstacle in our path?  And instead of working around it we stop and cry - never progressing any farther?

And the word? Keep in mind that no one, nothing, can stop God's plan.  You can hinder yourself by forgetting who you are.  Do not allow others to dictate your path. Allow yourself the freedom to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  Stay focused, move on, move around, move over.   type to you later.

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