Sunday, April 24, 2011

Walk, Watch

Happy Resurrection Day!  The events of this day long ago gives each of us a chance to begin anew- everyday.  On this day consider what the resurrection means to you.  What things should die in your life?  How do you rise from the deadness in your life?  How can you live in the power of this day?  Take it one day at a time. Allow the thrill of each new day to fill you with wonder with what God will do.  Jeremiah says God's mercies are new every day. 

There is a song we sang at my former church, "Walk in the light, the beautiful light.  Come where the dewdrops of mercy shine bright.  Shine all around me by day and by night.  Jesus, the light of the world."

I invite you to walk in that light, even more than you have before.   Let  the next few weeks be a time of watching God's moves in your life.  Trust God with whatever you need, whether you are coming or going.  Try - and send me a note.  Ohhhhh I promise you will be surprised.  Amazing love.  type to you later

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