Monday, September 5, 2011

Look. ..Watch. . .Wait

Looking out. . . watching for. . .waiting on.  Pretty much that is what I am determined to do.  Looking out for Holy Spirit's guidance.  You see, this is not a head thing but a heart thing.  Watching for the way as Jesus has already shown. It really is doable. Society will confused you and cause you to lose your way.  Waiting on God.  After waiting and getting clear instructions you can indeed proceed.

Oh I know that you need help.  Life is no joke.  And with all the stress, the trials, the little things that combine to make big things, it gets rough.  The enemy will have you believe that no one has gone through what you are going through.  Not true.  That no one can help, no one understands. Not true.  You are more than a conqueror through Jesus.  Hold to that. 

Look. . .watch. . .wait. Where do you need guidance?  What is still tripping you up? Take it a step at a time following Holy Spirit. Oh, try, try this time.  type to you later.

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