Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cleanup Is Rough

Cleanup is rough.  After entertaining hurricane Irene, we are seeing in some areas that cleanup is indeed rough.  Storms will surface in our lives.  They happen. What matters most is how we handle them.  Too often you can get so disrupted over your storm.  If you can step back and analyze the matter you will find that your overwhelming, hurricane level trouble is really just, "a storm in a teacup." (I didn't make that up, a friend from Bermuda came up with that one.)   With a better perspective you can find options; whether to move out of harm's way (evacuate), or hunker down to face the storm head on.  Often, you must hunker down.  You prepare for the worse and hope for the best.  Your preparation must involve receiving instructions from Holy Spirit.  Don't wait until the storm.  Listen now.  When the storms arise you will be prepared.   And you will be ready after the storm to pickup, cleanup, move away from whatever dislodged.  It may be ideas that need to go.  It may be people that are disruptive to you.  It may be a situation that has runs its course.  Look around, be ready.  Sometimes cleanup is rough because you don't want to let go.  Let it go!  Move toward  your resolve.  type to you later.

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