Monday, October 31, 2011


There is so much wonder in the world.  So much to see, to do, to choose.  That is really the grand idea-choice. We make choices everyday.  So what is the big deal? We can choose to love instead of hate.  We can choose to reach out to another instead of turning away.  We can choose to accept God's love and will instead of fumbling endlessly in turmoil.  We can choose instead of being led.  We can. . .  You see, if we are listening, Holy Spirit will guide us out of and away from strange situations.  Or Holy Spirit will guide us through some rough situations. You see, it was never a promise of ease, but of one you can live with when you follow Holy Spirit's guidance.

So many are hurting because they are afraid to choose life.  Their life has been extremely difficult to this moment and they cannot see beyond their pain, their hurt, their lack of hope.  But it takes one moment to break chains of bondage, it takes one ah ha moment with God and healing begins.  It starts now.  There is so much life available for you, and it begins with your choice to live.  type to you later.

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