Thursday, August 9, 2012

Change is Good

I am changing a few things, physically, philosophically, spiritually, emotionally.  Well change does affect so many areas.  Anyway.  I was praying to hear clearly and when I finished there on the floor near me was a screw. I don't remember seeing that screw before.  After all I would have walked on it. I was not at home so examining everything for the open hole would not have been feasible. 

I just stared at it and wondered what was not functioning as well as it could. And then -just like that- I understood.  That screw was me and I was not plugged in to what was intended. No matter how I tried, I no longer fit and had fallen away; yet I was being restored to a place where I would make a difference.  I was being renewed, re purposed, restored, rejuvenated. 

Change is good, renewal is grand.  There are times when you just don't fit anymore.  It is not a bad thing if Holy Spirit has ushered you into that spot.  You see, there is always something to be received from wherever Holy Spirit leads.  type to you later.

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