Monday, September 17, 2012

Don't Get Distracted

I watched with surprise as the Washington Redskin football player lost his cool when a Rams player pushed him.  The Redskins player had the ball and was in his rights, the Rams player was in his rights by trying to get the ball (maybe not by the best means).   So all is done, but the Redskins player turned around and threw the ball at the Rams player, who was already walking away.  And a penalty flag went down. That cost the Redskins a 15 yard penalty. The kicker could not make that punt and - game over. 

The rest is history. It has been said that distracted move lost the game- I don't know.  This is now, this is not about that game but how we move.  The Redskins player had the ball.  The idea is to move the ball while keeping possession of the ball. Right?
Along our journey there will be times when life is not fair, times when stuff just does not work properly for us.  There are times when we will be unfairly tripped. It is what it is.  We are to move along the journey staying focused on our individual and collective missions. Right?  If the enemy can distract us, then we may or may not properly move along.  I didn't say all will be lost, we just lose ground.  Can you see it?  At no time are we to back up to fight what we think is going on. It's life.  That player was distracted and lost his cool.  Now he must live with the penalty.  If he is smart, he will learn from it.  What about you?  How will you know when to fight and when to stand? Ah, that is where Holy Spirit as our paraclete comes in.  Listen before you move.  Take care.  type to you later.

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