Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Today, we pause for remembrance of the 9-11 tragedy.  And whether you knew someone, or you didn't- those were real people about what they do.  I have heard that these were heroes.  Not sure if would say that, but they are indeed due our respect.  These were everyday people handling their everyday business-which was their right.  The wrong of a group led by one man violated that right and changed our lives forever. So we are all in this together. 

After the first few days, we were all united, as the years grow us away from that date we appear to have grown from one another.  We are apart of the United States - the key word - united.  So yes,  those hearts, those souls who were violated deserve our prayers as they left behind someone, family, friends, me, you.  We say God Bless America, what does that look like.  I offer that we bless those that walk alone everyday even now with renewed camaraderie in being united. We bless each person with a strong sense of self and of respect for one another.  Blessings!   type to you later.

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