Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Relationship is most important.  While in Israel, my instructor, Dr. John Beck, time after time reiterated the importance of relationship.  And how so? After all Jesus exhibited relationship and the importance of community with His disciples. 

When I was young everyone knew me and my sister as Annette and Terry. Now she has her husband, Clarence.  And it goes on, whether it is spouse, children, friends, links to organizations.  I thought about how important it is to have an 'and' in your life.  It is what gives many people hope, or to take a line from a movie, "it gives witness to your life."  Whether it is a as marriage, love, family, friendship, organizations, church friends, it is important.  And yes, the 'ands' may change as they are there for a season.

Take some time to examine the the positive 'ands' in your life.  Cherish those ands and the season.  Begin to see them as links to life as Jesus exhibited.  See how precious you are in the relationship and how precious they are to you.  See how precious the relationship is in this season of your life.  And- if you think you have no personal 'and' I encourage you to look harder.  We are linked and you have never been without Holy Spirit who is guiding and who will guide you.  I bless you with positive relationships. type to you later.

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