Monday, December 17, 2012

To Callie Jackson

In this season of celebration there is one more bit. A dear woman of God went home today.  In this season of celebration there is still one more bit.  A dear woman of God has gone home to celebrate with Jesus.  She took me in as 'family' when I first joined Tabernacle.  Callie Jackson taught me so much more than just the tape ministry. She taught me servanthood with joy.  Together we worked, laughed, shared and even cried during those times.  Mrs. Sampson would come to be with us in community, it was a great fit.  Quite a few members thought I had always been a Tab and some even thought I was one of the Jackson's daughters.

Doc said that 'Presence is Ministry'.  I can't be with you LaRita, Alethia, Cheryl, Dionna, Clifton and the family; but I know how powerful prayer is.  Blessings of God's shalom.  My tears are joy because Mrs. Jackson is with Jesus.  And to take a line from Tyler Perry- Callie Jackson was a lady, and a lady knows when to leave.

I had to share that because Mrs. Jackson lived her life of God's direction.  Please take time now to consider your life, allow Holy Spirit to give you direction. let youir life be none of regret.  type to you later

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Unknown said...

Thanks Emily. I did not know Mrs. Jackson passed. I have to stay better connected to Tab members. Happy New Year.