Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Dance On

Life has a way a presenting challenges.  Hey, that's life.  That is what it does.  But this is your life.  This is your journey, your dance.  So since you know that life will present challenges you come prepared.  How can yo do that?  Oh, it is easier than you can imagine. You follow through by following the Paraclete, Holy Spirit. Yeah, that is how you overcome the challenges of life.  That is how you can get through the day, the hour, the minute. 

Be clear that the challenges will present themselves yet, you can overcome.  You can make it over, under, around, through any challenge.  And even if you find yourself right there in it just know that you are not alone.  Follow Holy Spirit's lead. 

Do you need a history recap?  Read Daniel 3.  You are never alone, dance on.  type to you later.

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