Sunday, April 28, 2013

Oh, He is a Mighty God

What A Mighty God we serve!  Yes we do. Yes we do.  And yes He is!   Yes, He is mighty, and yes, He is loving, and yes, He is concerned.  Oh hold on.  Yes, He is concerned about you.  Hmm. Actually, He is more concerned about you than you are about you.  Oh yes. 

So- if that is that then you can make it.  You can hear clearer, yes you can.  I know you have been hearing so much garbage that sometimes God's voice gets drowned out by your calibration to the garbage. But God made you, God breathed life into you.  You are made in God's image- so you have a way to hear God instead of adhering to garbage.  Enjoy the journey,  watch and listen for His mightiness and what He is doing
in your life.  type to you later.

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