Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Scream

Today I kept my grandniece for a short time.  She did something she had never done before. She screamed "bloody murder" for a while. (That's what my parents called it).   Wow! After giving her milk, that did not help.  After changing her, that did not help.  

I felt so bad because that was not like her.  Then she spit up, a lot. And she cried, and I cried.  And I prayed.  It was precious, as I prayed she got quiet like she was listening.  I prayed for relief for her and that she would not suffer pain.  And she spit up.  And she spit up again.  She felt better.

There are so many pieces here. You see -don't we wish we could scream when we were ill or uncomfortable?  Instead we hold it in and many times are more harmed.  But if we could scream and let God know how we feel, then we have a chance for God to ease our pain.  So many people are walking around and if they could lament, could scream it all out to God, then they could experience release.

My grandniece taught me so much today.  You must get out what ails you.  Lamenting allows you to scream it out, spit it up, let it go.  She screamed, I cried, I prayed, God responded to her cry.  Oh He hears you.  Don't hold it in any longer.

Blessings as you release what hurts. type to you later.

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