Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Oh Joy!

A moment of joy.  A client yesterday found the joy in waiting on God.  I call it 'the awakening'.  It is that moment where you know that you know that you know.  It is that place where you really can wait, you really do see, you are really clear.  And you no longer need to answer everything- you can listen clearer to Holy Spirit.  You know.  And the thing about it- things do not necessarily get easier, but you have peace.  Yes- there it is - that peace that passes all understanding.

I remember watching some of the older saints and they would have a smile like they 'knew' something that I didn't know.  When I would ask about it, I would hear, 'live a little longer', 'walk a little longer'.  And the thing about it is the 'longer' is a different place for each seeker.  Yeah, that's different.  You see, some people really want more of what God has, some are comfortable with hanging out in the realm.  But those who want more -the seekers- will receive more - just walking it out. 

More is available to you.  Please don't miss it.  Watch what God is doing in your life. enough for now.

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