Monday, January 13, 2014

Release the Lie

Our parents taught my sister and me that in lying you must remember the lie you told in order to tell it the same way again- so don't lie.  And that is how we grew up.  It is so much easier to tell truth, even when it hurts.  At least your memory is clear for other things.

So, why do people lie?  What good does it serve them? It hurts others, and it hurts them.  In the end they only lie to themselves.  I don't know.  I am always amazed at believers, especially leaders, who wonder how everything seems to "happen" to them.  And yes, it may be spiritual, but it may be just you in your mess.  It could be that your lying has so disturbed your life.  It may be that you have lied to the wrong one.  Yes, that's true. 

Lying takes a lot of unnecessary energy.  You could be using the time for contemplation of how good God is to you. You could be sharing God's love instead of distorting what it looks like. 

Take some time today and examine "why the lies?"  Examine the source of your need to lie.  What is it that floods your heart?  Check in with Holy Spirit.  Ask what are the lies you have told or that you believe yourself.  Take at a time.  The first lie that Holy Spirit tells you.  Look at the pain that lie has cost you.  If you are ready to live free from it then renounce the lie and any demonization it has caused.  Proclaim your freedom from that one lie.  Go ahead- try it. enough for now.

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