Thursday, January 2, 2014

Try Different

What?  What have you lied to yourself about so far this year?   No, you probably won't exercise more, although you need to do so.  No you probably won't reach out better to others, although you should. No . . . no . . . Whatever the lie is, let's try something different, this time.  Take one day at a time.

Yeah, it is harder, but when you realize that you only live life a day at a time you can do it.  How? Glad you ask (as F.G. Sampson used to say).  Please lean in and listen.  Shhh, hear me.  Allow yourself to receive guidance from Holy Spirit.  You can do it.  You see, when you realize that you are created in God's image and that you are already wonderfully made. . . When you understand that your body is a temple, and you are the caretaker. . . When you know just how special you are, then you can Holy Spirit's  guide for a more complete you. 

Yes, today, honor God with your life, not just your mouth. Follow Holy Spirit's guide for you.  Soak in the love that Jesus has for you.  You are special, you are His Beloved.  Walk in that!  This is the new leg of your journey. One day at a time.  enough for now.

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