Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Happy Father's Day

I waited to say, "Happy Father's Day."  Too often fathers do not hear that, and all too often, after that day nothing else is said.  Blessings of encouragement to the fathers and the mothers who were and are both mother and father. To those who labor and never hear, "thanks" or "I Love you."  You are indeed beloved by God.  Sometimes young people do not get what it takes to be a father and so they rebel.  Sometimes they don't know how to say, "I'm sorry," and they wallow in despair and/or guilt. 

The Prodigal Son in Luke 15 squandered his father's wealth, but not his father's love.  Sometimes we squander our Father's wealth, but never His love.  We can take note from that passage and turn back.  Children can take note from that passage and turn back.  They can't take note unless we teach them.  Fathers teach the children.  Fathers, teach the children. enough for now.

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