Saturday, December 17, 2016


In this season of expectation you must be ready. Positioning. God has positioned you for what He has for you. Some things He has moved you from, and some things He has brought you closer. . . It is all about God's positioning. What can you do with that? Position yourself to receive. If you are not clear on your position - ask. Post yourself to hear, and wait. Don't let your past moves dictate your present moves. And when you are clear move forward.

Contemplate what this season means to you. Remove the gifts and focus on THE GIFT to you. Look at what Jesus did for you. That is a lot of love for you. Focus on that. Yes, this is a season of newness, of expectation. Expect to hear, expect the newness of your journey. Recognize that God has positioned you for the express purpose of now. enough for now.

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