Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Yes, we recognize this day as officially a day of love. But each day should be a day of love. Learn to love yourself first, then others. You see, in order to love others you must know what love feels like. Loving yourself does not pump you into narcissism, that is another mess. But loving yourself sets you up to receive God's love. Too many have felt unloved, unworthy to be loved; but you see, God loves you with such a fierce passion. Had to be fierce, He sent His only son to die a death that you couldn't handle. That sets you up to live in love. As you receive that love, it can flow onto others.

Can you see it? You are indeed loved. Feel what that means. Let it permeate your being. Rest in that. Happy Valentine's Day; more than that Love Blessings every day. enough for now.

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