Friday, March 3, 2017

The Way Made

When? When does it all settle down? When will I get paid? When will I find love? When . . . When will the way be made? We have all have so many "when" questions. I can can only offer insight to the last one- when will the way be made. That is already done. But there is a "when" you must answer- When do you walk in it?

You see, we waste so much precious time searching for what we think we want, what we think we need, what we think we should do. Yet, when our way has already been made- we just need to listen and follow. When we follow, we bypass so much undue stress. Stress is us trying to make it fit, make it work, see it through. But the way has already been made for us, each our own way. Walking in that way insures less stress, clarity of thought, and -wait on it . . . PEACE. Come one, don't you need peace? I do.

Use this Lenten season to shift your focus- to listen, watch, and follow. The way has already been made. enough for now.

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