Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Look Back and Realize

I am overjoyed and contemplative. Today is my only son's birthday. Happy Birthday Marq!  I am so excited at what God is doing in his life. I am blessed- so blessed. That caused me to be excited at what God is doing my life. Wow. You never know the journey- you don't need to know. You do need to know the Maker of the path, the paraclete who walks alongside, the one who loves you so much that he gave his life.  When you think about it- you begin to move into contemplative prayer and end with praise.

The song says, "When I look back over my life, and I think things over. I can truly say, that God has made a way. I've got a testimony." Go ahead, mark this day, you have a testimony. Thank him for all he's done this day, in your life, with your life. Need a little help?  He kept you so you could read this and realize the blessing of you, of your life. Thank God for it, for the up and the downs.  Yeah. enough for now.

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