Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Find Yourself, Find Your Pace

As I walked up the mountain I wondered, "Why is it so hard to pace ourselves?" "Why are we constantly trying to do like, act like, be like someone else?" Could it be that we have been trying so long to impress, to 'show', to represent, to people please that we don't know who we are? As a result, we don't know our pace for the journey. You know the way we will overcome hurdles, obstacles, hindrances and just plain journeying in general. We don't know our own rhythm for life so we can't appreciate what God is doing in out life; because we are trying to have another'e rhythm, another's pace.

Discover your pace and go with it. Discover who you are by examining whose you are. Rest in that, and then listen for directions from Holy Spirit. You see, you don't know the journey, Holy Spirit does. You know don't know you, God does. And your way has been made. Trust God so you can walk in it. No, you can't even trust self because 'self' doesn't know, 'self' has no clue of the journey.

This is an exciting time for you- if you allow it. You are discovering who you really are. It doesn't matter your age- what matters is that you do it. Find yourself, find your pace. Breathe- say yes to Jesus. Now watch what God is doing in your life.  enough for now.

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