Saturday, October 21, 2017


Who do you go to? Who is it that you have to go to when you need to make sure you are on track- to keep you accountable? Yes, you need someone who can agree with you in prayer or snap you out of your pity party. You need someone.

Yesterday I texted my sister a long text about nothing. At the end I said just pray for me. She promptly texted back,"Lord help her." That was all. I read it and began laughing. I texted her that the pity party was over. Sometimes life will try to- usually to distract you. You need someone to agree with you. Someone that will listen and not condemn, will not give the way out, will only agree in prayer that change happens and now.

Who can you go to? Who will agree with you for breakthrough? Thank God for that person. enough for now.

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