Saturday, June 23, 2018

No More Waste

I think sometimes we spend wasted energy trying to understand people who, more than likely, don't understand themselves.  We wonder how can they be so rude, so ugly, so irresponsible, so bullish. But if we are to focus on who we are and how God has made us, then we really don't have time to focus on anyone's foolishness. This life is precious and we really should nor miss what God is doing in our life.

The truth is that God also made them and loves them. That's a hard one- isn't it? He sees where the hurt is, ours and theirs. And he wants us to live fully- without the hurt.

So how do we not waste our energy? We focus on what Holy Spirit is directing for us. We seek help for our woundings. Yes, we pray that they seek help. But we focus on self in order to receive our healing. And then we can breathe clearer. enough for now.

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