Monday, September 10, 2018

Living in the App

We have been relegated to living an abbreviated life- living in the app. Apps are our quick source, quick fix; but when we really need more, we have to go to the website. And on the website we have so much more available to us than what we have on the app.

What does it mean? We have used a day of worship as the day we get it all done. . . living in the app. but in order to receive the fullness of life that is promised we have to check in with the source. We have to walk getting all that is offered, and not just by checking in one day a week. Holy Spirit guides us along the way and cannot be fully received in the app- in an abbreviated life. Stay connected. There will be times that you will use the app, but stay with the source and you can live a more complete life. enough for now.

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