Wednesday, September 5, 2018

What Brings Joy?

I talked with my grandson on his twentieth birthday. What brings me joy? That I have three grandsons who are doing well and safe. That the middle one is twenty today. That I have been a part of nurturing him and watching him grow. That I have a loving son who loves his sons and who loves me.  What brings me joy? That my younger sister celebrated her birthday day before yesterday and that she is well and now on a trip for her job. Family brings me joy. Friends bring me joy. Talking and laughing, crying and supporting them brings me joy. The love God has for me brings me peace, and out of that peace I can enjoy those th8nhsntat bring me joy.

What brings joy to you? Write it down. Look at how it can spread. I only wrote a little of mine. Believe me- there is more. There is more for you also. Go ahead get started. enough for now.

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