Friday, December 11, 2009

Let's Just Take in the Season

This is a season. Yes, it is a season of joy and celebration of the birth of Jesus. No, it is not the season of "what else can you buy?" Step a little closer. You see, there is more. If you can get excited about the love that One has so much for His people that He sent His son to redeem the people, then you can get excited about who you are and your heritage. You can bask in that love.

My son called me a few days ago. He thanked me for always trying to make this time of year a joy for him and others. He had been reminiscing on his younger days. We then talked about how the joy of this time is usually mulitplied because it is the time of the year. Now, what would happen to each of us in our own community if we all contiued spreading that joy? As the late F.G. Sampson (my former pastor) used to say, "glad you asked." You see, there are so many people hurting and they need just a look, a touch, a smile, a sincere inquery into how they are doing from us. They need a touch from God. You are that extension of God's love. You are the one to say, "it is real," it will get better," "there is hope." And there are times that you too need a touch. When the community of believers 'touch' one another in prayer and love there is healing, there is hope. There is hope!!!

This is your season! Your season of rebirth, of rejoice, of rediscovery. Accept this season as your gift from God and rejoice in what it brings.

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