Friday, December 18, 2009

Things that Make You Smile

There are things that cause my heart to smile: the love of family, the majesty of mountains, the days when all falls right, when a sermon has found its target, seeing my family. I'm sure there are things that cause your heart to smile in spite of whatever you may be going through. Those things help provide that silver lining to the storm clouds that hover.

Ahhh yet there is something else. . . the peace of God that surpasses all understanding You cannot beat that. Is that peace that moves you in, around, and at times even through anything! With that peace nothing can take you down, turn you out, destroy you. Without that peace, your stuff is hit. Well you understand. So, the question becomes - How can you get that peace? For starters, have a real talk with Jesus. Oh yeah it sounds so cliche-ish but it is so real. Just talk. I know you have done it, but this time do it in the context of all the things that make you smile. It is because of God that you have smiles.

We are moving closer into a season that should be the happiest but is the saddest, most depressing for many people. Let this time be a time for you to give to another through the peace given you. Let this time be a time of joy flowing from you into others. Let your smiles flow over. I bless you with receiving the joy and peace that only comes God. type to you later.

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