Saturday, April 24, 2010

Too Far Over

I got a ticket for being in the HOV lane. There was so much traffic and since it was later in the day I thought that the time was over for HOV. Ah, but when the police pulled me over he informed me that this particular HOV was 24 hours. Wow! imagine that. All I had to do was stay in a lane, I had three lane - right, left, middle.

What does that say to how we handle the journey? Oh sometimes we get too far to the left or right. Yes, it is indeed good to have a mind about life, it is indeed good to be either hot or cold, never lukewarm. But be cafeful not bend too far either way as you may find yourself in the wrong and eventually penalized for your wrong place, your wrong views. When you are too far over you can't learn, can't hear, can't feel. Be true to yourself, but first make sure you know yourself. Take care and watch yourself. type to you later.

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